Thursday, May 04, 2006

And some wonder why we need to march with Pride?

Last Friday in Krakow marchers in a parade for tolerance were attacked by fascists and others including a right wing youth group with ties to the government of President Lech Kaczynski.

You can see footage of the march and the attacks here (it’s about 10 minutes 27 secs into the bulletin)

The march is part of a weekend of activities held by a lesbian and gay group in Krakow. I attended the festival last year and the march was called off as it was only a matter of weeks following the death of John Paul II.

Across Eastern Europe lesbian and gay rights marches or pride celebrations are banned or prevented from occurring due to a lack of police protection. This years march was allowed but so was the counter demonstration and the scenes of riot police dividing the two are chilling. Last summer there were manyreports of violence or opposition to lesbian and gay marches and festivals. This summer seems to be no different. Moscow in particular is heading for conflict over plans for a pride parade with the Mayor having banned the march and human rights officials and activists throughout Europe calling on him to change his mind. Many of the countries who are banning marches and festivals or not providing protection to lesbians and gay men are signatories to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and have assigned to uphold other human rights defences. Putting these into practice seems to be a problem.

So if you were thinking twice about going on this years Pride March whereever you are because it does not really matter any more, think a third time. And if you ever wondered why all those queers have to walk down O'Connell Street or main street of City X or Town Y, making 'a show' of themselves, well the bans and the opposition elsewhere might show you some of the reasons why.

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At 17:13, Blogger straighttalker05 said...

Yes - it is terribly easy to forget, not only what others in our own countries have gone through, but even what others in other countries are currently going through!

At 12:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see awful gravel peril towards members of the LGBT.
But what gives me hope is looking at the sort of people who were holding up those anti-gay signs, they are what we call in England, Chavs- Counsel House and Violence. Basically uneducated anti-social bigots.


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