Friday, May 19, 2006

Checking in

Still no Broadband, little access to news or other interesting sites, I have been reading books (yes it’s a bit strange!) and watching a bit of ER and West Wing  - only 4 episodes left!

I was finally able to order Broadband on Thursday so the clock has started and we’ll wait and see how long it takes to get it!  In the meantime blogging will be light and very frothy.

  • So summer began on Thursday – well for some people it did anyway. Big Brother began and no matter what I say I will end up watching it.  Why is the first person with a disability to appear on BB somebody with Tourettes Syndrome? The Ouch Blog will be monitoring both BB and media reaction to Pete and his disability.

There might be a few others with disabilities on BB7 that we don’t know about yet. My Cripdar is quite active.

  • Finland and Lordi to win Eurovision 2006 – ah they were rather good at what they do.  And maybe we could start a meme to illustrate to Mr. Kennedy why every song is not a cry for love.


At 12:40, Blogger planetpotato said...

Poor Bwian was getting bitchy in the paper today about the Finnish entry. Great to see the Europop types getting their knickers in a twist, best tv of the year.


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