Thursday, May 25, 2006

Web 2.0 langer style?

I’m not a tech blogger and did not even know what Web 2.0 meant until yesterday! There was an explanation on a podcast somewhere and a light went on in my brain going ‘oh so that’s all it means!!!’

Anyway I love the sound of knives being sharpened and Irish tech bloggers and others are getting ready to rumble as someone claims to be trademarking Web 2.0 and is threatening the IT@Cork people who are organising a conference on the area and using the phrase in the title. Ah he knows not who he is threatening… and how come the Irish government did not get a similar cease and desist letter for the Enterprise Ireland conference? Or did they throw it in the bin too like I think the IT@Cork people should?


At 23:22, Anonymous EWI said...

I hear that In Fact, Ah are going to sue you over the use of the term "langer", which everyone knows is copyrighted to Cork people in perpetuityl.

At 23:38, Anonymous About:Blank said...

Web 2.0? That's easy.
Web 2.0 = Mashups
What are mashups?

I dunno.



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