Friday, May 26, 2006

They did that there but don't do it here....

Kees Waaldijk is now talking about the fascination of people in whether couples have sex or not. We don’t need inspectors in the bedroom

Don’t make the mistake of Belgium of including brothers and sisters in the legislation. (YAY…pity minister had left before this point could be made)

This is very good list of don’t do this like they did here….I hope people are listening!!!


At 12:21, Blogger Lazy Hazy said...

One of the benefits surely of not being the first is that we get to learn the lessons of others. However, if we look at issues of racism in comparison it would seem we have taken litte that has been learned. And what a damn shame that the minister isn't staying around to hear these important contributions, this seems to be deliberate arrogance once again on his part.
I'm loving the live blog Suzy, excellent!

At 12:40, Anonymous Ruff said...

So typical of the Minister- not to stick around when there are REAL legal experts aroundfrom whom he might learn something- or gad forbid who might contradict his ministerial arrogance.

Great blogging Suzy.


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