Monday, May 29, 2006

Mondays bits and bobs

  • Scott Long, the director of the LGBT programme at Human Rights Watch has been blogging Pride in Moscow for the Washington Blade.  Moscow Pride did not pass peacefully - there was a lot of violence and many arrests – more lgbts than nationalist thugs. Scott has not written anything since before the march – I am trying to track down where he is (I know him about 12 years).  

UPDATE: A posting from Scott after the parade detailing what happened and the arrests and injuries can be found here

(oh did I as a blogger just write about a blogger? What should I do in atonement?)


At 23:12, Anonymous Sean R said...

Thanks for the link to the podcast.

Al Gore's speech was simply wonderful tonight. Eloquent, peppered with self-depricating humour but pointed in his analysis as to the ecological disaster facing the planet in about a decade. Now if only he'd run with Hillary...a dream ticket in 08?

At 16:48, Blogger straighttalker05 said...

I hope your friend in Moscow is ok!


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