Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Michael goes missing

Last week Michael McDowell told everyone that there was no need for emergency legislation.  I have no problems with the judgement today – in that the judge was simply doing what the Supreme Court told her was what she had to do. McDowell should have known better – he said last week there was no question of anyone walking free – well he’s wrong!

All politicians have failed here – this was warned about 17 years ago.

Mr. A goes free, you think the circumstances around that case were bad – wait till you hear about Mr. B and the crimes he committed under a law that no longer exists.

Links later when they are uploaded to the RTE website. McDowell is not available for comment today – the minister for bluster goes to ground.  


At 16:43, Anonymous James said...

Recommendations on changes to the age of consent and mistake as to age were addressed in the Discussion Paper on the Law on Sexual Offences, published by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform in 1998. In the overall context of the views received on the Report, there appeared to be no great appetite or compelling policy reasons at the time for changes to those issues.


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