Thursday, June 01, 2006

And its sunny - it must be June. Blog bits

  • Have we got an Irish Wonkette? Blogorah seems new in irish blog land?

  • RTE’s Time of Our Lives programme That was Then, this is Now, which aired last night had a very good essay on media by Luke Clancy on the past 20 years which ended talking about blogs and podcasts. It’s not available online but if we were to prove Luke right somebody might Youtube it or Googlevideo?

  • Are Newstalk losing out after starting to charge for their texts? George Hook is now doing a promo practically begging for texts to the station.

  • Twenty tells Bertie to do eye contact and take his hands out of his pockets.

  • It will be another 2 weeks before Eircom will allow BT give me a broadband service. I can’t begin to describe how the past 3 weeks have been without it. Maybe I will follow Thinking Out Loud with my own ‘I have a dream’ rant.


At 23:37, Anonymous that girl said...

oo I think you're putting me in far too illustrious company there!

At 12:38, Anonymous Sinéad said...

I saw that 20 years thing - did you see the montage of bloggers faces? I was watching it and thought "Oh great, at least they're mentioning blogs" when I saw my own face pop up and remembered another Luke was doing headshots of bloggers at the Irish Blog Awards.

Didn't get to see who the others were. Did anyone else?

At 01:57, Anonymous CjD said...

another luke has put that 20 years / irish media piece on youtube here:


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