Saturday, June 17, 2006

CJH, Garrett Fitzgerald and Twenty

Sitting on a bus in Sligo today I heard the final moments of the Requiem Mass for CJH. David Davin Power and Marian Finucance were narrating or whatever you do for a State Funeral on RTE Radio 1. Some of the locals listening and myself (maybe that should be forced to listen!) were commenting on the disgrace that Charlie was getting a state funeral.

Charlie was a Taoiseach and so tradition dictates a state funeral. All I could think of when I heard the bits about the military salute, the solidiers, the navy and the music etc. was that I hope Garrett Fitzgerald gets an even better send off when he passes. Garrett however probably would not be planning his funeral in such style and indeed the leaflet at his mass will give us some statisitical analysis on the costs of funerals and how they have changed (for better or worse!) in the last 20 years.

By the time I was on the train back to Dublin I heard Philip Boucher Hayes from the Cemetary trying to tell listeners what was happening the other side of the wall or whereever he was positioned. And in blogland Twenty Major gives us his unique spin on the day or week that was in it.


At 18:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While never a supported of 'Abbeville Lad', I did watch a good bit of the funeral (wearing my sociologist hat).

The soldiers of destiny are in deep trouble, if the turnout at the funeral is anything to go by and so many people opined the same old tripe about the man, it was embarrassing (at a family funeral, would you like to hear everyone going on about the 'controversial things' that... caused?) Made me cringe.

As an aside, the Best dressed attendee award goes to the Cathaoirleach in a fetching black number and a rather beaming smile - she said it all for me without uttering a word!


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