Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And another politician takes to blogging

Reading GUBU this morning and see that Dominic Hannigan, Labour Party Councillor for Meath, and another occupant of the Big Red Bus on Saturday's Pride Parade, has a blog.

It's good reading for a politicians blog. That might sound like faint praise but when one reads Lucinda Creighton's or Liz McManus's then you might get my meaning. Ciaran Cuffe is another example of a real politician blogging in terms of some form of thought and non PR speak being behind the words.

If Labour and other parties are going to get candidates blogging for the next general election let them have some originality and don't all use the same templates and press releases please!!!! I would rather read the 'dog bit the hand off me as I was out canvassing' stories than the 'Creighton lashes out at McDowell' headlines.


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