Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sex, Violence and the World Cup

Fustar is talking about Ann Summers and rabbits and the World Cup. And Ann Summers are emailing him jpegs of rabbits rampant and all that sort of thing. Fustar is not recommending anything you understand, just part of services to the blogosphere!
So yes there is a link between sex and the World Cup and there were a lot of Jack’s and Ray’s and Paul’s born 9 months after Euro 88 and Italia 90. Sex and the World Cup go hand in hand, or hand in…wherever.

However the other side of this dimension of relationships is Domestic Violence and World Cup tournaments. Something that many working in the area were predicting before hand and no doubt we will hear more about as the tournament progresses. I don’t know if England going further in the tournament has any impact on the rates of women reporting violence. But its something else to think about as the competition continues.


At 23:57, Blogger Auds said...

I've a post up on the relative poverty of evidence, both formal and ancedotal, on increases in domestic violence and sports.


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