Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pride (but don't mention politics!)

Fiona is talking about Pride, Damien is talking about Pride. I’ve been thinking about Pride. What I regret about Pride in Dublin – the march in particular  - are two things.

The route – the best Pride Parade I ever went on was 1 day after decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1993. We passed the Dáil, there were lots of pink carnations. We shouted – ‘What do we want – Equality! When did we get it – Yesterday!’.. Many left their carnations stuck into the gates of Leinster House. It was very poignant.

These days we totter past Trinity, down Dame Street and scuttle round the back of the civic offices and hide. (My second problem with Pride) Amongst the crowd are locals swigging beer, others off their faces on other substances etc. The venue is too small, not accessible to people with disabilities and not child friendly.

This year so far we have had much debate on same sex partnership – debate is probably the wrong word – well there has been a lot of talking and many reports. A Minister for Justice who says gays don’t want marriage and a community who are becoming more politicised and angry. Surely whilst keeping Pride as a time for celebrating our identity and increasing our visibility, the march could run past the Dail – tell the Minister and the government what full equality really means and tell them to get their finger out.

Expensive and exclusive lobbying organisations and campaigns don’t seem to be telling the government what people want and why they want it, they don’t include members of the lesbian and gay community either in their work.

Pride would be a good start in giving ordinary lesbians and gay men a chance to do something, say something and be somewhere relevant en route to boogeying on down or whatever takes your fancy at the end of the march.

See ye Saturday and I hope some photo bloggers turn up and record the day (hint hint!!!)


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Look forward to seeing you Saturday Suzy


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