Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tasting Dublin - at a price

I haven’t done a food post in ages. Cooking in this heat has been minimal and nothing to really write about. However food and food politics and machinations are not far from my mind.

Why would one spend €25, €35 or €75 to have the briefest of looks at a celebrity chef and a taste of their grub?  This weekend A Taste of Dublin takes place in Dublin castle. The bumpf promises that ‘Taste of Dublin will without doubt establish itself as the most exciting and sophisticated food and drink event on Ireland’s social calendar.’

You get a booklet of florins – of differing values according to what value ticket you purchase. With these vouchers you can purchase dishes, and while you pose around watching celeb chefs do the stuff they do on the TV, you can nibble away or buy more florins to buy more food.  By the way if you are still hungry after that the best fish and chips in Dublin are nearby in Burdocks!

Sponsored by Oceanico developments, this event is making a lot of money for someone, the chefs and the promoters no doubt. But how much food you actually get to taste or how much more you will learn whilst spending a day of your busy social calendar fighting over the canapés I would think would be minimal.

Maman Poulet’s advice? Other than going to Dublin Pride, go to a farmers market – get a few tastes of what’s on offer – spend what you would have spent at the TOD on a few items there and you’ll have a feast, or go out to dinner somewhere new and watch the chefs when you get home on the TV!


At 11:08, Blogger planetpotato said...

I was thinking of going along to that sounded like good fun - I thought the prices involved weren't that unreasonable - sounds a bit like a beer tasting convention.

Unfortunately from talking to a few people it seems like it's going to be full of nouveau rich wannabe footballer wives types

At 05:47, Blogger Ron Hudson said...

Hey from North Carolina!

When I was in Dublin, I quite enjoyed eating at Yakatori Noodles right near the George. I think those are the correct names...the manager there was quite nice, and I learned he had lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a while. If you drop in, tell him Ron the filmmaker from North Carolina says hello...maybe he will buy you a drink.

At 10:51, Blogger WiseMóna said...

Nice to rad your post. I love it when people get real and tell it how it is.

At 10:54, Blogger WiseMóna said...

ooops *read* .
A bit too much of the Sunday coffee I reckon...


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