Friday, June 23, 2006

Kalcase blogging!

Delighted to see that those supporting Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan’s case against the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland and the Attorney General for the recognition of their marriage in Canada have set up a blog.  Add it to your blogrolls and spread the word!


At 13:58, Blogger Simon said...

whats the button thingy for I added that months ago

At 14:01, Blogger Suzy said...

yup and now (with a little bit of hinting from yours truly) they are going a bit web 2.0 or something in terms of getting the message out!

At 15:07, Anonymous kalcase said...

Hi Simon,

The button you added links to, which is the website relating to the case. (It contains archives, news section, etc.) The blog, however, is set up to compliment the website, provide updates and info for supporters and those with an interest in the case - and to generally spread the word! :)

(Feel free to add a second button to link to the blog ;))

Hi Suzy,

Many thanks for the link! And yep, following your suggestion, there are now KAL Case bebo and MySpace pages. Ta!

- KAL Co-ordinator.


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