Monday, June 26, 2006

Web 2.0 and Dublin Pride 2006

Dublin Pride on YouTube.  Panti’s speech at Dublin Pride – one of the many things that was good about Saturday. Photo’s of Pat Rabbitte in the company of some drag queens are reported to have been taken. Links will be added!

There are many other links to photos and YouTube bits which I’ll add throughout the day.  Meanwhile I need a cup of tea to recover!

Two cups and a banana later…

Red Mum has some photos here and more to come!

Blogorah has a Dublin Pride Special.

TV3’s report of the march can be seen here

And has some video from Dame Street – some sort of Mardi Gras indeed – that rainbow flag looks great!

And finally thanks to the organisers, I know I moan like everyone else does but its not easy getting this thing together on little or no money and Dublin’s streets looked great, pink, purple, queer and happy on Saturday, rain and all!  

Update: Forgot to mention that it was great to see the INTO banner complete with their President behind it. Delighted to see the teachers marching! Hope many other unions take note and march in future parades.

Update 2: Ian says the TV3 report is of last years parade…ooops. And here is a Flickr compilation of all Dublin Pride 2006 Photos uploaded so far (I think!)

Update 3: Photos from Indymedia photographers can be found here, here and here.


At 15:27, Anonymous morgan said...

Yay! Great links.

Panti was excellent, and she looks like she's got a new hairdo, too :)

At 15:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The TV3 report is from 2005, There are a few photos of Rabbitte at the parade around on the internet -

I have found about 10 different links to photos - can send them to you if you want

At 15:49, Anonymous Ian McG said...

Last comment was me Suzy -


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