Monday, July 03, 2006

Ryan Tubridy gets more time on the radio

I know there has been much gnashing of teeth elsewhere about the changes on Radio 1, particularly the loss of Rattlebag. (online petition in favour of retaining it can be found here.)

It seems last Friday, a lot of the backroom staff at many RTE programmes were also given their moving orders. Ryan Tubridy was not happy at losing his producers and researchers, he had a meeting with Ana Leddy and came out of it hearing he had an extra hour of a programme to fill each morning from next year!

Maman Poulet can hardly contain herself! 2 hours of Ryan Tubridy's oh so special brand of moaning about mobile phones and other rudenesses, patronising the sick and disabled, proclaiming his heterosexuality, and otherwise 'quirky' moments.

Ms. Leddy you are going the right way about losing your listeners. And if this means that Ronan Collins and his rare but wonderful cranky moments are to be no more I'll be very unhappy indeed (have to say though I was delighted that you sent John Creedon to the radio graveyard that is Late Date!)

I must be one of many that are waiting for Newstalk's national station launch and wondering what you have in store for us - maybe Joe Duffy and more Orla Barry and less Declan Carty???


At 12:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Sufferin Jasus! What did we do to earn this sixth circle of Hell that is Ryan Tubridy!


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