Thursday, July 06, 2006

So long farewell to

It would seem I like many other bloggers are abandoning using as a source of information for blogs and blogposts. Well I know the more advanced set were using their own feedreaders or whatever already but I liked to jump in from time to time to read something new. I really am going to have to sort out some sort of blogfeed reader thingy or whatever its called. Suggestions are welcome!

The straw that broke the camels back? Joan Burton – sorry Joan, its not a blog, I don’t want to read about it on Irishblogs.


At 16:32, Blogger EWI said...

I just use Live Bookmarks (nested in folders) in Firefox these days in order to keep up with other blogs. The only reasonn I would ever dip back into Irishblogs is just to see if any new and interesting political bloggers have emerged.

At 00:14, Blogger Cian said...

Live bookmarks are good but im a lazy hound and bloglines shows me when my feeds are updated, with live bookmarks i have to check regularly (either that or im using them wrong). If you want i can email you my OPML file which you can upload into bloglines and get your account started-it saves having to do all the really obvious blogs and sites.

At 02:04, Blogger Suzy said...

cian that would be great thanks (can you tell i'm in v. lazy mood!)


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