Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday's Queer Links

  • Keep your Jesus off My Penis. Not work safe!

  • Slightly related to the above - Martina Navratilova is doing a lot of interviews for her new book. I could not bring myself to her interview a few weeks ago with Ryan Tubridy. Yesterday she did an interview with Women's Hour on BBC Radio 4 - one of my must listen to podcasts on itunes - where she pondered on George W. Bush's difficulty saying the word lesbian. Incidentally Martina is saying she is retiring to spend time with the 'One I love' - linguistic queer sociologists could have a whole load of fun deconstructing that phrase.

  • Black lesbian and gay bloggers in the USA have launched a campaign against a concert raising funds for a HIV charity. Those headlining the concert? Beenie Man and TOK, Beenie Man's concerts around the world have been cancelled following campaigns by lesbians and gay men. Why does it not surprise me that a HIV/AIDS group invites these homophobic singers who support murder of gay people to raise money for them? KeithBoykin, one of the opponents to the concert and the participation of the rappers said "As a black gay man, I've had enough of the excuses and the hypocrisy and the fear. I will not sit back quietly while a so-called AIDS organization gives a microphone and a stage to two musical groups that want to kill me." Reminds me of some people not sitting back whilst gay organisations here invite politicians to hijack events when they don't fully support equality not just lgbt equality either. In fact they believe in inequality as a natural phenomenon


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