Friday, July 07, 2006

Birds do it, Donegal people do it

Ms. Fitz at Slugger points to the latest issue of the Donegal Democrat and the research commissioned by them on Social Attitudes in Donegal. There’s got to be the obligatory question on gays amongst the questions on sex thinks I. And I was right
What did we find? That most young people in this county think it's all right to have sex before marriage.
70% of Donegal people polled do not think it was all right to have casual sex. And 64% of them say they have no difficulty with people having same sex relationships.
The print version probably contains much more information – I don’t know if this was a question on same sex relationship recognition or just the plain old queers getting it on with other queers type of question which is so 1990’s. And surprise surprise the church are not happy about the ‘erosion of morals’ indicated by the survey.


At 10:01, Anonymous morgan said...

How depressing. Over a third of women in the county don't feel safe on streets in Donegal towns at night, and 40% of interviewees see little future for young people in the county, but the Church is most concerned about sexual morality.


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