Monday, July 10, 2006

UK bloggers analysed again

More on UK bloggers, the Mainstream Media, John Prescott and is it only a rightwing organised blacklask gainst a Labour Politician?

Patrick Barkham writes in the Guardian (Full article here - worth a read!)

Another of bloggers' charge is that big-media journalists lazily pinch stories they break. "On any given day, you will find on Ephraim Hardcastle, the Londoner's Diary and other diary columns two or three stories that they will have got - totally lifted - from me or Guido," says Dale. "No attribution or anything." At least bloggers, he argues, link back to wherever they first read a story. Dale also says several tabloid journalists telephoned him with snippets from Tracey Temple's diary which the Mail on Sunday had not published when that scandal broke in the spring. He obliged, of course.

Given the number of Associated Press and Independent House based readers I get each week I think that many mainstream journalists are looking to see what Irish bloggers are saying. But are we saying anything worth stealing?


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