Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New (to me) podcasts

I have not mentioned Podcasts in a while. My latest additions to Itunes (I am still learning about Podshow + and don’t really think it will replace Itunes as my podcast catcher etc. )

  • Calmcast – a podcast with birdsong, other sounds of nature and some very relaxing music. Perfect for meditation, massage and last thing at night clear your mind stuff.

  • Gay USA TV – this is now available as an audio podcast. I caught this in New York last year – it’s a public access television programme and its been going for years. I really enjoy the presenters (shock horror – older lgbt’s on the TV!). It’s not all fluff like so much of the previous efforts I have seen at lgbt TV/radio programming.

And of course you don’t need an ipod or an mp3 player to listen to podcasts, you can play them on your PC or even put them on your phone memory card.


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