Thursday, July 13, 2006

Backing down and copping out

Remember that HIV/AIDS Fundraising concert in the USA with the homophobic line up I blogged about a few days ago?

Well its been cancelled. And the organisers are copping out even further by saying that they feared violence? So if their chosen acts sang about shooting and hanging queers that would have been ok? But if anyone demonstrates or protests against homophobia they cop out?

And Lifebeat turn the screw even further by saying that the Caribbean American community are now losing out.  They hope the black lesbian and gay bloggers and others who ran the campaign to remove the rappers from the lineup will work with them on awareness raising in the community

Suggestion to Lifebeat – consult the community and get real before making such a mess of it the next time. They have lost a unique opportunity to speak out against homophobia which is one of the core issues in the transmission of HIV in the first place.


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