Thursday, November 17, 2005

Premature Fitzmas day mark 2 celebrations

Switching on the TV tonight I spied Patrick Fitzgerald live on CNN giving a press conference. Oh thought I! The second day of Fitzmas!!!!

Nah he was only indicting Conrad Black. (Couldn't give a hoot at the moment whatever Black was up to) So no Rove or Woodward or other Plamegate indicting today and maybe never???


At 21:22, Blogger PoppieProng said...

hahaha! wow, I had no idea folks in Ireland were so keenly interested in what's going on over here in the states. i will tell you, though, that Mr. Fitzgerald's behaviour re Lord Black might be a good indicator of how he is approaching the Plame investigation. Lord Black's business associates were indicted almost 3 months ago to the day, and he managed to work them before getting Lord Black. You may get your big Fitzmas yet. :)

At 21:32, Blogger Suzy said...

Hi Seaxneat, yes some of us in Ireland are following Plamegate very closely. Some might say a few of us are watching far too closely! Thanks for your comment and fingers crossed for a very merry Fitzmas!

At 00:03, Blogger PoppieProng said...

Well, that's fabulous! Nice place you got here, by the way!


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