Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Liz O'Donnell - laying it on the line...

Today Liz O'Donnell made a speech in the Dáil which is one of the best Oireachtas interventions I have read in a long time. There is passion, cutting analysis and challenge on the issues of the separation of church and state - it is so rare in our parliament indeed our society to hear a politician laying it on the line regarding the power of the church and the failures of the state in dealing with that power.

You might expect it from Michael D. Higgins (such a great orator) or Joe Higgins but from a PD? Well yes probably from a PD as they did start out wanting God out of our constitution. Liz has been very open of her criticisms on the back and front benches, she has said things when others would not say them about development aid, Northern Ireland and other issues.

If you click on Dail Eireann here and pick debates for 2004/5 and click in 9 November you will find her speech in the section on the Ferns Report debate.

(The direct link to the speech may not work so apologies for the maplike directions.)


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