Monday, October 31, 2005

Kitchen trauma

  • Firstly there was no bacon, not even a rasher. The rashers I bought last week were out of date.
  • Secondly the kitchen was in darkness while I cooked. No lightbulbs could be found - well those who did the looking did not look far enough.

So I peeled spuds and chopped cabbage and onion by very poor candle light. (yeah yeah all very ambient I know - did not cut myself either!)

And the darkness and lack of bacon meant when it was made I took a bowl of it and ate it with a slice of ham and did not take a photo. Better luck next time. Morgan when you take photo's of finished dishes how do you pause in time to click and then eat?


At 09:15, Anonymous morgan said...

I turn all the lights on, make sure that I have the camera on 'close-up' setting, and hope that it doesn't come out blurry... :)

Hope you find a light bulb.

At 09:56, Blogger Suzy said...

LOL...well when the electrician in my life returned from chasing a small white ball round a big green field she found the light bulbs.


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