Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Pantry is making a comeback

According to this story on Women's Hour the pantry or larder is making a comeback. This makes me very happy however I doubt I will every live in a house large enough to have one. But one of those pull out wall to ceiling drawers would do nicely. The pantry fell out of favour when the refrigerator arrived. (It seems pantry was used up north and Larder in posher houses down south in the UK.) Now I am not a food historian so I am not sure if the same history applies in Ireland. However we seem to have a lot of utility rooms these days but a space that one could walk into and see exactly what you have and find what you are looking for would be divine.

I was thinking about the pantry this evening as I tried to fit in my purchases from the Asia Market in Drury Street. (such an interesting shop!) I just could not fit in the packets and tins amongst every thing else in there. I like putting things on the edge of the shelves so that I can reach for things without everything falling out. However this does not happen too often and I tend to break bottles and jars a lot (garlic salt and oregano being the prime culprits)

Foodbloggers are posting pics of their kitchens at the moment. I am glad I am not a true food blogger as mine is definitely not one to post about but its very interesting to read about other peoples kitchens and how they organise them.


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