Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Now I know you are saying at this stage 'Maman Poulet will you ever get a life'. But Ken Murphy from the Law Society was on Questions and Answers tonight doing more outrage at the 'small minority of solicitors' who stole money from vulnerable survivors of institutional abuse when they were being paid for it already. (Breathe...)

Tonight in his defence of his members, Murphy said if it were not for solicitors that there would be no Redress Board in the first place. (You can see it here if you do not believe me.) Now this is when coke bottle hit the television, scared the cat and terrorised the dog.

No Ken it was not solicitors who got the Redress Board, it was the survivors, and it was people like Eoin O'Sullivan and Mary Raferty breaking the silence in Suffer Little Children and States of Fear. In fact Ken, the Residential Institutions Redress Board was established to stop people that you represent making money but some of your gang went and tried it on anyway. The Redress Board was established to silence the victims. The money for the Board is coming mainly from the state because some people that you represent argued on behalf on the church in a very dodgy deal done in 2002 between the State and the Church and rubber stamped by Dr (of tomatoes) Michael Woods - whispers of Opus Dei abound.

By the way Ken we are not thick - you think if you keep name dropping the names of people and organisations representing survivors that it sounds like you are really on everyone's side and Mr Good Guy? It does not work - grab yourself a bigger shovel.


At 09:52, Blogger Colm said...

He made some ridiculous statement like, only 1.5% of law firms in the country were involved in overcharging. This figure is complete off-topic.

What he should have asked was how many had clients claiming from the Redress Board?

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