Thursday, October 13, 2005

Illicit reading

Ah Maureen Dowd is having lots of fun about Harriet. One can no longer read Maureen's column online without paying for it as previously discussed - but actually thanks to blogs one can :) Why does it feel like being 9 and reading my Enid Blyton book under the covers with a torch when I am still able to read Maureen via the efforts of a blogger in copying or typing the text into their blog?

So thanks to Uniongrrl we can see that Maureen has difficulty being able to assess Miers without a judicial record (about which Mental Meanderings has already commented on.) So she turns instead to the notes between Harriet and GWB recently released under freedom of information requests. (Or the US version of FOI - the term escapes me at the moment.)

Now I think Maureen has been a bit creative with the notes uncovered but it could add to the chatter about Condi and Harriet and their GNO (girls night out).
October 2002 "I'm not sure Condi has made the time to thank you herself, so I just wanted to say how much we appreciated the tickets to 'Madame Butterfly' on Saturday night. I wore my long black robe - I mean, opera cape. I just wish it had had that song from 'The Sound of Music' - I know you love it, too - 'Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels. ...' You're one of my favorite things, sir!"


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