Sunday, October 02, 2005

Football, women and the art of having a coversation.

I went to the Ladies GAA finals at Croke Park today. Both matches were rather disappointing, with teams unable to finish off scores and in the Senior match the sides  seemed unmatched with Cork finishing off much the stronger. The 23,000 plus in attendance included lots of pre-teen and teenage girls screaming, whistling and blowing horns. Reminder to self, bring ear plugs the next time.

The visit was a Sapphic Ireland outing. This meant that most of our group did not know each other except for online contacts or discussion on SI. It was the third occasion organised for women to meet up, and it is great idea to have a another event to base a meet up around. Not everyone there was into sport but was interested to watch and spend time with other women.  We adjourned afterwards to a members house for a drink and a few hours of talking about everything and nothing. It was really enjoyable. Often I am asked why have women only space and to justify its existence. Well for those few hours it was great to be in the company of women who knew what you were talking about, who were interested in the same sort of things, or at least respected your interests and opinions and you had the space to make them and listen to others.

And we were not in a pub, there was no noise other than Antony and the Johnsons in the background and there was laughter.


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