Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thinking clearly...

Maman is a little bit more than under the weather so blogging and PC time generally are limited. It’s times like these I wished I could get the wireless modem sorted! The better half made me dinner from scratch for the first time in years today – I should get this ill more often. Shh now don’t be telling her that – it’s going to be months before I stop hearing about her heroics as it is!!!

Now I am not hallucinating anymore, but I just heard that Michael Brown is being rehired as a consultant to FEMA - To help evaluate what went wrong during the first week of Katrina rescue.

UPDATE: CBS reports that this story is still factually correct but have decided to use the word contractor instead. I think we should still be incredulous that he is being paid after quitting and goes around telling people too! Watching him testify at the moment - god he is such a w**nker. See Verbal Collage for more!

UPDATE 2: Former FEMA Ddirector Michael Brown says the federal government is currently paying him $148,000 per year. Now that seems like very little money to me for such a job.


At 16:48, Blogger Cadavre Exquis said...

Well, not really, he's "in transition" I believe. But I mean, that guy is SO good they should have kept him... I had to let rip, I'm sorry. So I ranted here

At 17:06, Blogger Suzy said...

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At 12:46, Anonymous Morgan said...

In transition? He's TS?

Hope you're feeling better, S.

M x


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