Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday Night Cat Blogging

Stevie likes to sit/lie outside the bathroom and wait for you to finish. Some times he comes in to watch.

Stevie fostering international relations with Dennis on a recent visit!


At 23:49, Blogger Alex said...

Hey Suzy!

What a nice blog you have... Congrats! And greetings to Dennis too! (Does he have a blog too?) :))
I have safely returned to Vienna after my road trip through Galway, Falkirk, London and Linz, which was amazing. Also thanks to you!


At 00:09, Blogger Suzy said...

Hey Alex,
Good to see you!! Dennis does not have a blog (yet!) We'll have to work on him! Good to hear your travels went so well.
Keep in touch!!!


At 12:41, Blogger Alex said...

Yeah, I shall write him letting him know he should adopt one (penguin)! :))

Yup, let's keep in touch!



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