Sunday, September 04, 2005

Breaking point

La Bamba gives a very good synopsis on the hot topic in the blogosphere on who should take the blame for the mismanagement of the Katrina rescue situation. Sunday morning political programmes in the USA continue to examine and contribute to the blame game.  Wonkette has the transcript and video of a Meet the Press interview where yet another local public official, Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, highlights the failings of FEMA and federal employees. It is heart breaking, and the cut to the Republican governor of Missippi tells another story altogether.  Wonder if he, Bertie and Tony share the same makeup artistes.

Mayor Nagin has just begun to report on CNN on the toll on New Orleans Police Department, there have been several suicides, exhaustion and PTSD.  Many also handed in their badges saying they could not cope.


At 17:26, Blogger F said...

I was wondering whether or not they'd reveal the suicides in the police force - I heard wind of it this morning on Interdictor ( They've been left in an almost impossible situation.


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