Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Champions League and a bit of tennis

It was nearly inevitable that Liverpool would be drawn with another UK team in the group stage draw for the Champions League. After 6 weeks pre-qualifying by playing crap teams in far flung Europe (and Wales) they end up being in the same group as Chelsea. I have my fingers crossed as I don't think qualification will be easy! Real Betis could cause problems and Anderlecht might be better than everyone is saying. The Liverpool - Chelsea fixtures will be fun.

In other sporting news Amelie Mauresmo cleared the first hurdle in her match in the US Open. Amelie has been taking a break since Wimbledon in order to be fresh for this major. I won't even bother doing my getting my hopes up routine for this year. She promises so much but fails to deliver on a regular basis. But those are great shoulders. Hope to catch some matches on Sky Sports.


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