Friday, August 26, 2005

Keeping your legs together.

So onto the Luas at lunchtime which I am getting addicted to travelling on or so I thought. A Stella Duffy book in my bag and Liveline on the radio. But the whole journey was ruined by the guy sitting beside me for most of the journey who refused to keep his legs together.

The Luas was busy and there were no other seats until it got to St. James's Hospital.

Is it deeply uncomfortable for men to sit on public transport with their legs together? He would not budge. He needed all the space around him to 'show' his wares. Or was that what he was doing - I don't get it at all. I so wanted to use my stick for a use that it was not designed for but is very good at doing.

Suggestions of strategies on coping with this behaviour are welcome. A recent public transport behaviour quiz on SI did address some aspects of this particular difficulty but I need more help!


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