Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blog wagging

Joel Achenbach writes about blogs in The Washington Post. He started one in January in order to publish the pieces and musings not published in the WP. But he finds it is taking over his life.

The blog is hungry. The blog will not be ignored. It is an insatiable little beast, a creature still unclassified by science -- hairy, warty, slobbering, with its own fiendish agenda. I often fantasize about killing the blog, but I worry that it will respond just like the crazed computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey": It will try to kill me first.

And he notes that with many blogs it is the commenteers that have taken over blogs and the witterings of the bloggers are insignificant!

I have often said that blogging is for oneself (yep I wittered that to you last Saturday Morgan, over that battered teapot) but as I think about the rubbish, oops I mean earnest and not so earnest postings each day - and the fact that there are a few others reading it, I start to feel some pressure.

Do I want to write things for me or for my readers? Do readers give a toss what I write about? Should I worry about my punctuation? (actually I will never spell or punctuate anything properly so if you are sadistic in that regard give up reading me now!)

And as the blog gets listed in search engines which words will it be that drag readers to read?

So if I talk about Angelina, Brad, Britney, Paris Hilton, Posh and Becks, I would have loads of readers? In the same way that SapphicIreland has had loads of guests reading the post about Dundrum Shopping Centre*, a mere mention of hot lesbian sex could have readers here in their thousands.

I hate to dissapoint you! (But I will be - on all fronts!)

* I have no idea why SI has had loads of people (not just search engine crawlers) reading a thread on Dundrum Shopping Centre - it's fairly innocuous altogether. The Film Festival thread is far more interesting!


At 08:11, Anonymous Morgan said...

Hmmm, comment spam. Hope you have a delete option.

I like, no, love comments, but not that kind...

It does take over a bit, doesn't it? It needs feeding. I keep seeing stuff I want to post first, but then I think I'd rather come up with my own stuff. It's not like I've nothing to say. Um. And -

At 09:09, Blogger F said...

Yes - I find myself checking the blog in the mornings and making sure she's survived the night. I even installed a hit counter.

Dangerous stuff...

At 10:10, Anonymous Morgan said...

And Suzy seems to have done a good bit of name dropping for those search engines...

At 10:38, Blogger Suzy said...

hmm comment spam too today, oh well i will try to fix it when I get home.


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