Friday, August 19, 2005

Mo Mowlam

Lots of the tributes to Mo today have been really infuriating. There has been very little political analysis of her accomplishments and loads of colour pieces full of fluffy stories and nice words. John Prescott was top of my list of dickheads who were patronising. Tony Blair won't have to make the decision about whether to attend her funeral as it will be private with a memorial service in a few months time.

Anyway I liked her a lot, I thought she was a great communicator and a realist about what she could achieve and she kept trying even when Trimble and Paisley were passing her by en route to No. 10.

When she was on the Late Late last year it was sad to see her so ill - I remember people thinking she was drunk. It was so different from the woman who had people dancing at Stormont, who walked into the Maize and talked to Adair and co., who was a supporter of integrated education and who supported the inclusion of women and other sectors of society excluded from NI politics.

The 90's watching Mo at work were fun and the world is a better place having had her in it.


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