Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ambulance chasing or really useful?

So Irish solicitors are trawling the country for Vioxx users and preparing cases for the biggest legal action since oh I don’t know, maybe thalidomide or some might say unkindly, army deafness.

I am very lucky never to have been prescribed Vioxx or Celebrex.  The NSAID’s I have taken over the years have kept me going ok.  The real dilemma is that for those who were on this medication, the other older forms of painkillers had not worked.  I consider myself very lucky to have never been in the situation of having to step down.  My GP told me how lucky I was earlier this year as she was preparing to take other patients off the medication and put them back in NSAID, the very old drugs.  They had stopped being effective a long time ago.  

This litigation will take years to proceed through the courts, is not guaranteed to be successful and meanwhile there are many suffering pain. No new drugs on the horizon and no cure for the arthritis.  


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