Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina continued

More commentary from Michael Moore in an open letter to George Bush. One of my favourite writers, Maureen Dowd writes today in the New York Times. (Reg. required for free access to the last 7 days of articles).

And what of lesbian and gay issues in this crisis? Well the tragedy has already been blamed on queers and welcomed for purging the rampant sin.

Community organisations from across the USA are coming together to develop services, fundraise and support LGBT survivors. Some relief shelters and missions are not going to be lgbt friendly. Under President Bush’s regime, faith based charities are preferred and these organisations maybe best avoided by lgbt people or they may not take the specific needs of these communities into account. I have thought myself a few days ago about those who are HIV positive who may not have ready access to their medications and those who are in the astrodome/superdome/shelter who might be subject to hate crimes from others.

I know that some find looking at lgbt issues in such a horrible time to be distasteful when trying to look at the bigger picture and I remember being attacked for drawing attention to lgbt survivor issues and services in the Asian Tsunami. I just know where I would want to feel safe if I was caught up in all of this.


At 19:06, Blogger Deb said...

Thanks for this post. I've already sent it to a couple of people I think will be interested.

At 19:37, Blogger F said...

I think this is a really appropriate thing to think about actually. When I imagine myself here I imagine how much I would want to be able to support my lover emotionally and physically throughout - holding each other and being there together but how afraid we would be to show our love in front of the others and in such a crowded, intensive and now dangerous environment.

At 00:28, Blogger MaxiSmeg said...

As a Christian can I please apologise for the characterisation of Hurricane Katrina as God's punishment on the city of New Orleans.

Ignoring the fact that Louisiana is part of the bible belt anyway I think it is sickening that any group would attempt to turn this disaster to their own ends when there are still people being raped, murdered and dying from disease and lack of hunger.


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