Wednesday, August 31, 2005


So its International Blog Day or something. You pick 5 blogs to mention and I am going to talk about 5 cooking blogs. I have been meaning to post a cooking blog post so this is a good day to do it. But Suzy you are supposed to talk about blogs that do not necessarily agree with your point of view. Life is too short and I am chilled on pain killers so I will leave those 5 blogs for another day.

Back to foodie/cooking blogs. I wish I had my own acre of garden with my own veggies and herb garden, a local farmers market, a good bakery and a fishmongers. (Let's not mention Superquinn, it doesn't count!)

But I don't have easy access to these things., I do like to read about people who have easy access to great ingredients, a love of food and sometimes an interest in food sociology and food politics. And I pick up some interesting recipes on the way too.

She Who Eats writes about food from Japan and her travels. The photo's are amazing.

Cook Sister is the blog of a South African woman living in the UK. It's one of many food blogs written by people living away from home. She is also the instigator of the End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza Challenge which many food bloggers engage in.

Is My Blog Burning is a round up of food blogs and the site of food blog virtual cooking competitions which are themed - I kid you not. August was Summer's Flying, Let's Get Frying!

The Passionate Cook - Jo, an Austrian living in London - 'Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all'.

Becks and Posh is cockney for nosh. This blog by a English woman in San Francisco is another stunning food photography blog example.

And all that without a mention of Once a Month Cooking, Stay at home mothers, homeschooling and creationism. But that's a story for another post!


At 07:04, Blogger Andrew said...

The Passionate is actually Austrian not Australian... they all look a like to me to ;-)

At 11:03, Blogger Suzy said...

Ooops, Mea Culpa!!! I have corrected the error!

At 16:06, Anonymous morgan said...

A common enough mistake. You even see baseball caps in Austria saying "No kangaroos in Austria".


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