Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Banana Republics

Eddie Hobbs has spent the last month or so pointing out things that lots of people know or should know.  Essentially the issues raised during the last by-elections are presented with some humour and issues around the monopolies and lack of competition are presented to the public in an easy to understand format. Whilst these programmes have gone out Eddie has been away on holidays, some in FF and the PD’s have been spinning against him and others have been saying ‘Eddie is a lovely man’ and its all a bit of fun lads.

Bertie said today that ‘Eddie Hobbs is actually part of the Government’s war against greedy retailers’.  Oh classic FF tactic there – take something popular and say well it was our idea in the first place.  Bertie told us last year at the FF think-in that he was a socialist.  This year he is saying that the Opposition are damaging the country by calling us a rip off country and that Eddie is doing the governments job.

Tonight Hobbs said that the test of any society is how ‘we treat the old, the sick, the children and the immigrants’. His naming of the middles classes as the muddle classes may stick too. On Friday night Hobbs will be duelling with Fianna Fail on the Late Late Show.  I find his style a bit irritating but some of the programmes have actually engaged people in a way few political campaigns will.


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