Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Proud Man

So its book plugging time. And it’s a pleasure to do it. I picked up a copy last week and hereby apologise for not going to the launch Dermod, I had a job interview to fret about!

Dermod Moore aka Bootboy and fellow Irish Queer blogger at bonhom.ie has a book out. Diary of a Man is a collection of his Bootboy columns for Hot Press. I have been reading his column on and off for years. In fact it was often the only reason for me the non-music loving soulless person that I am to read Hot Press. But before I knew that Bootboy was Dermod I also sort of knew of him through his mother.

I am one of the many gay people in Ireland that wished Phil Moore was my mammy. Or at least was enthralled meeting and working with her through the 1990’s as she was the spokesperson for Parental Equality and oft pointed to reason we got an equal age of consent in 1993. Now I do think Dermod probably had a very hard deal as his mammy was always talking about him – some story to do with soup if I remember correctly. Anyway Phil and Harry are very proud parents and so they should be. And as a surrogate parent of sorts (or at least a listening ear) to lots of members of gay youth groups that she spoke to and met we are very thankful for Phil and also for their son.

In his early columns, Dermod wrote about issues that many gay writers in Irish gay publications would not or did not write about. The book is a wonderful journey through the last 10 years and has some amazing pitstops along the way. If you don’t know his writing read it and if you do read it again – it’s a great social history too with reflections on different events as well as pop culture of sorts and many personal reflections on identity which I think lots of people (women included) can identify with.


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