Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hiding it from us again?

Legal reasons are preventing the full publication of the Report of the Ferns Inquiry. It is being laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas rather than being fully published for sale in Government Publications and on the internet. I don't know if I am relieved or angry that I and others can't read it in full. I was prepared myself to read it and to remind myself of the clerical, hierachical and statutory abuses and corruption that I had learnt of in the 1990's.

Now I can't read it and there is a part of me that is relieved as it is said to be hard reading but I think people should know and maybe the media will tell the full story in the days to come. Tonight's episode of Altered State on RTE 1 will again cover those days of revelations (and debates on abortion and homosexuality) and I don't think those days are over yet.

Update: Thanks to Trish's tip you can find the Ferns Report online here (a member of the public has put it online) and indeed it is now also available for purchase in Government publications.


At 16:24, Blogger Trish said...

It's online here:

At 17:07, Blogger Suzy said...

Thanks Trish, I heard something on the radio about this yesterday but have not had time to blog about it. Not had time in a few days to blog about anything....normal service will resume when I catch up on my sleep, food and the rest!

At 08:08, Blogger The Knitter said...

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At 08:10, Blogger The Knitter said...

The Ferns report can also be accessed at http://www.paddydoyle.com - and the executive summary is here: http://the-knitter.blogspot.com/2005/10/ferns-report-executive-summary.html

At 16:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to send this anonymously and only in bloggs under a false email, I was the victim of horrific abuse in my childhood and have never spoken out about it, my parents are now deceased and as a middle aged man I think it is too late to start a path I'm not sure I want to go.

One thing that sickens me is the fact that all the emphasis is on the Ferns report - I was abused by a trusted family friend, and the 100 or so victims of clergy in Ferns are the only victims that the Irish State is taking seriously. Even 1 in 4 is quiet on the fact that the 100 victims, and I have nothing but sympathy for them and I am not saying anything against them, only represent a tiny fraction of the thousands of us that suffered abuse. I would personally think it is even higher than 1 in 4 and I feel that I have been doubly abused because my abuser was poor and therefore nobody will be paying me compensation that will interest the so-called champions of truth in the Irish media. No sir, they choose to spend all their time chasing a juicy bit of gossip about bishops and stuff like that and cover up the vast majority of victims in their efforts to find what they consider news worthy.

All said, the real cover up in Ireland is the fact that only some victims count and the Ferns thing shows that its a very small group that are to be considered and the rest of us can be f***ed over again cos our stories aren't that importanant compared to stories that embarras bishops and politicians

Sorry I can't sign this but my dignity has been compromised enough in the past without me risking it again, I'm just a voice and I don't expect or ask anybody to listen to me and as the people who matter are not here to tell the question of who believes me is not a issue for me anymore

Read English newspapers there far more interesting and less patronising


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