Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Hallow'een

After a particularly busy week I think I might have today at home and am planning a bit of cooking not only to relax but to find a few vitamins and minerals. Yesterday I bought cabbage and potatoes without a thought of Hallow'een and colcannon, this morning though I realised what day it is and that it would be a good day to make it. I was drifting off to sleep last night listening to a discussion on UK talk radio about how US inspired Halloween has taken over in the UK. Trick or Treating has taken on a nasty tone in many parts of the UK with homes of those who don't treat being tricked - well egged and floured at least.

In all of this the Celtic nature of this celebration has been forgotten. I doubt even in Ireland the many games and traditions I was taught by my parents are being passed down. We were also spending time remembering our dead, religiously or otherwise.

Homes nearby have been decorated for weeks and the festival will soon rival Christmas in the hype department. For weeks local kids have been seen dragging pallets and doors and tyres to their hideouts in preparation for the bonfires. However the incessant rain of the last few days might have dampened those squibs.

So anyway there might be a photo of some colcannon and a bit of a recipe later on - and maybe a bit of bacon on the side! Time to reclaim the recipe from the St. Patty's day (groan) US sites and place it back in Hallow'een where it belongs!


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