Thursday, October 27, 2005

Here are the finished results of Stevie's assistance and supervision on Sunday.

I finally have my cook books in the kitchen. Having bought two new ones I realised that my collection was getting extensive. But all books are sent upstairs never to be seen again. I complained - highlighted the fact that I can't cook without them and said I would get shelves so they could be in same room as the cook. So I won! The shelves were bought and they went up in no time. The payment in return was the promise of lovely dinners! Now I have not quite got round to doing that yet but I am looking forward to it!


At 01:47, Blogger F said...

*bouncing up and down*

pick me pick me....for taste tests

At 10:04, Anonymous Morgan said...

...and remember to post pics, too.

At 12:45, Blogger Suzy said...

and maybe Verbal Collage might take the photos - in fact she would be so busy taking photo's that there would be more for the rest of us to eat!!


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