Monday, November 07, 2005

Tom Delay is getting around the courts - well his invites are...

Interesting times in the courts in Dublin today.

Tom Delay, (he who was recently indicted) and President Bush (GWB) and their invites to an Irish judge have led to the trial of 5 anti-war activists collapsing in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court today. This is the second time this trial has collapsed. The 5 are accused of criminal damage to a US Navy Plane. The judge was asked if he appeared in a photo call with then Governor Bush in the mid 1990's and received invites to the Presidential inauguration in 2000 and 2004. (Delay did the inviting!)

Defence counsel indicated that President Bush will be feature of the trial and said that the trial process must be seen to be untainted.

As for Judge McDonagh:

Judge McDonagh said that he would not "give detailed analysis" of his social history in open court and said that counsel could speak to him in the privacy of chambers."I do not intend to disclose every trip or conference: political, social or otherwise. It is not for publication to the world at large," said Judge McDonagh.

He said the information put forward by the defence was "half right, half wrong" and his social life was not "open to scrutiny".


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