Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nally Case continued

I have not had the chance to blog surf much in the last few days to see if there has been much more said on the Nally case. Damien adds his kilobytes worth here. (Yeah I would use others to counter other that UI, Damien, you find them I'll chop them up, oooh where are the Freedom Institute heads on the matter? Nah don't tell me, life is too short!)

At about 2 am this morning I took to the bed and heard a rebroadcast of an interview that Mr. Nally gave to Galway Bay FM which seems to have been syndicated around the local radio stations in Ireland. (This interview was being aired on LMFM’s Loosetalk programme which is repeated at 2am)

The one thing that leaped out at me was the fact that Nally said he had not said anything to the victims family and what he would say is that they should start behaving and acting responsibly.

I know that Nally expressed some remorse in court but if this is what he was saying in the media it says a lot more to me about his state of mind. Jim Higgins MEP has been saying similar things about Travellers on LiveLine. He said that they have been given rights and need to start behaving and taking responsibility for their actions. Ahem, the rights they were 'given' are human rights and equality Jim, the same that the rest of us have had.

If Nally does accept that he deserved to be sentenced - which he alludes to in these interviews could he also express the view that Marie Ward should be left to mourn in peace and not be faced with death threats?

And as for the fact that Nally has been interviewed on radio and TV before beginning his sentence? Please name others convicted of manslaughter or murder who have received similar star treatment before incarceration and sentencing? Or is it just me who finds this very odd?


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*Releases the bloodhounds*


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