Thursday, July 20, 2006

Save Audioscope

Whilst there has been much outcry at the decision to end Mystery Train and Rattlebag on RTE Radio 1, I only learnt this morning that Audioscope is also for the axe.

This 15 minute programme made for blind and visually impaired listeners is being removed as RTE say that listeners can be provided for in all other programming.

Oh pull the other one! RTE's track record in disability programming is abysmal. They patronise the shit out of us, give us crap like the Ability Awards and god forbid a crip woulud get anywhere near making mainstream programming in the first place.

There is a petition going which you will find here. Sign it and spread the word.


At 00:32, Anonymous Sean R said...

Thanks for that Maman Poulet, I signed and ranted on this, RTE is such a cynical organisation.


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