Monday, January 09, 2006

Definitions and juxtapositions

The Professor of English (Hiberno English) at UCD, Terry Dolan, will be wheeled out before long to define the origins of the phrase 'worked like blacks' before the day is out. On Today with Pat Kenny, (will update with the link later) Senator O'Rourke has explained her use of the phrase and said that it probably not appropriate in todays usage. However callers to the show and O'Rourke have said that the phrase comes from the west of Ireland in reference to blacksmiths at the end of a days work or when referring to coal miners in similar circumstances. And now of course there are accusations of 'Political Correctness gone mad'.

Now I would much rather blog about the fact that Longford/Westmeath constituency will be one of the more facinating to observe in the next general election. There are 7 oireachtas members competing for 4 seats in this redrawn constituency. Willie Penrose TD. (Labour) Mae Sexton T.D. (PD), Paul McGrath T.D. (FG), Peter Kelly T.D. (FF), Donie Cassidy T.D. (FF), Senator Mary O'Rourke (FF) and Senator James Bannon (FG). Donie Cassidy has lost about 25% of his constituents in the reorganisation of the constituency.


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