Sunday, January 08, 2006

Changing times

Having not left the house today I have been unable to pick up a copy of the new look Observer. I do like the new Guardian but it feels a bit cheap at times (well yes I do buy it more frequently because it is cheaper than Irish Newspapers and is a much better read). By cheap I mean the print and picture frequently bleed over the end of the pages and the paper does not look like it has been cut properly.

Anyway today I have been reading the Observer online. You can read the Observer blog here which charts the final hours before going to print. I don't like the new masthead at all.

And if they mess with the Observer food monthly I will definitely not be a happy camper. More anon no doubt when I get a print copy in my hands.


At 19:34, Blogger Kevin Breathnach said...

Yes, I've found the finished touches still need to be put to the Guardian's new style, but I do like the new shape. It's easier to read in the wind.

You might also be interested to know that the Observer have moved their comment and opinion sections into the middle of the paper. This, for me, is a good thing because it means I'm not exhausted by the time I reach - often challenging - Nick Cohen pieces. They also added a few more sections; one piece discusses a particular issue in reference to its historical background and similarities which can be drawn.

At 02:35, Blogger Cian said...

I agree with Kevin, the observer has adapted much better to the change than the guardian which still leaves alot to be desired, well for me anyway.
The observer comment section has weathered the storm to emerge stronger imho while the guardain has suffered in that department.
The shape is the best of all bits. It is so much easier to use. Kevin is correct, Nick Cohen has been elevated to the rightful spot toward the front of the paper. ALl in all more satisfying a first ed than that of its weekly sister, still the Guardian represents better value all round

At 06:52, Anonymous morgan said...

I'm online only. It's even the way I read most local press, now. Nick Cohen is getting good. Madeline Bunting, in the Guardian, I have a few problems with...

At 10:00, Blogger London Denizen said...

I've a feeling the problem with the Berliner format lies not in the format itself, but in whatever difference there is in the printer for the UK and overseas editions.

I'm assuming there is a difference because I was on the Cork-Dublin bus over Christmas and the Guardian I was reading was different (black & white mostly) to the one I read daily over here (almost entirely in colour).

I've probably bought 90% of the newspapers since they went Berliner, and I've never had a problem with ink bleeding or cutting, though once my G2 was badly cut.

I recently got free Marvin Gaye and REM albums with it too. All for a fraction of the price of the IT.


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