Friday, January 06, 2006

Yes I will be watching...

There is no point having one of those 'I am not going to watch it this time' moments in this house when if comes to Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here. I am now watching most of my current affairs tv online or early in the morning as a documentary or news bulletin does not get enough 'lets watch this' votes.

Celebrity Big Brother started tonight. And I have always had a soft spot for Michael Barrymore so knew I would be tuning in to see how he was. And then Jodi Marsh turned up and I thought this might be interesting given that she is supposed to have an opinion or two about things. But then in stepped George Galloway. I lost it altogether when he appeared. Please let him be the first one out....pretty please. (George versus Paxman on UK election night can be viewed here if you have not seen it yet.)

I was going to say I won't blog about CBB but that could be futile never mind dangerous if I don't have somewhere to vent about George....and yes I agree with Mental Meanderings on Faria . I still don't get how a man who does the dirt on his partner gets lauded (and they might have an open relationship for all we know) whilst 'the other woman' (Faria) gets booed like she did tonight.


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