Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yeah you pay our bills, but that chicken you just ate is still ours.

So you are in a restaurant, a paying customer, eating your food, assessing what is on your plate which you are paying for, tasting it, digesting it etc. etc. As a food blogger you take a picture of it. The chef comes out at the desert stage and tells you not to take pictures.

Jason at DC Foodies then received a letter from the restaurant's lawyers.

I think this is what is called a cease and desist letter. What made me laugh out loud was 'The food and contents of the said restaurant are propriatary and confidential.' Now does this say more about the ego of the chef or the impact of food bloggers and blog restaurant reviews??? What next, menus that combust within seconds of being read? Or better still that the Maitre d' using that rope Wonder Woman uses to make people remember and forget things before leaving the restaurant.


At 13:55, Anonymous Rob said...

Goodness, I'd say the restaurant is on very shaky legal ground here, assuming there aren't actually any signs prohibiting photography.

At 07:11, Anonymous morgan said...

Seems like a guaranteed way to reduce your business.

I've been asked not to take any more photos - at a flower stall in a market (spot the gay man). I bought what I wanted at a different stall...


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